fbpx Emily Woore Veterinary Technician at Veterinary Clinic Morrinsville Morrinsville
Veterinary Technician

Emily Woore

Emily is originally from Rotorua but has recently moved to Morrinsville. With many family members in the veterinary industry, it was natural for Emily to follow in their footsteps. Before working at VCM, Emily worked at Massey Equine Clinic in Palmerston North, but now enjoys working in the dairy industry. Emily moved to Morrinsville for a change of scenery, bringing her horse Toffee and cat Daisy with her. She has just added a new addition - a Smithfield collie puppy called Bob. 

Emily is part of the Ngarua Young Farmers and when she is not at work, you can find her out horse riding, tramping or swimming. She loves being on-farm with the cows at any chance she gets, so if you are lucky you may see her in clinic.