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What does the traffic light system mean for Vet Clinic Morrinsville?

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03 December 2021

We are currently operating at Traffic Light Orange and committed to keeping all animals and communities healthy. We’re following the Ministry of Health’s recommendations and requirements. We respect your personal circumstances, so let us know if you have any specific needs. 

You are welcome in our shop, and we ask you to follow the usual requirements of wearing face masks, contact tracing, maintaining a distance of 1m from other people and limiting the numbers in store at any given time. 

In close contact situations (particularly in confined consults and treatment rooms where a physical distance of 1m or more can’t be maintained) we do require clients to be vaccinated. Alternatively, we can offer a customised low contact consult for those who are looking for something different. Note this will require the use of a telephone and they take a little more time to process.

On-farm we’re there to help, so let us know about all your requirements and we will sort out a plan that suits you. We will be using the recommendations around distancing, masks, and contact tracing as your business requires.

If you have any questions contact the clinic to discuss your situation.

As always we’re here to assist with emergencies.



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